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ISBN: 978-1-61188-178-3

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ISBN: 978-1-945839-30-6

Publication date: July 4, 2019

528 pages

“Amazing storytelling. A legal thriller that holds you till the last train out.” 
— Michael Connelly, #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Bosch series

“A cracking good tale! Part love story, part espionage thriller.” 
— Jacquelyn Mitchard, New York Times bestselling author of The Deep End of the Ocean

“Vivid, well researched and told bare-knuckled across a tapestry that is both broad and nuanced...with characters who are outsized and real.” 
— Mark Sullivan, international bestselling author of Beneath a Scarlet Sky

“A gripping story…unforgettable characters…fascinating.” 
— Adam Benforado, New York Times bestselling author

“A stellar novel of intrigue, adventure, engaging characters, and a fascinating backdrop. A true gem of a story.” 
— Steve Berry, multiple New York Times bestselling author

“An important story of intensity and emotional pull. Be prepared to be captured by this gifted storyteller.” 
— Jeff Kamen, Emmy-winning NPR and NBC journalist and author

American Red captures the excitement and violence of the West’s early labor unrest.”

– Denver Post

“This is a big book filled with big characters and I very much recommend it.  If you enjoy historical fiction this is for you, if you enjoy crime fiction this is for you, if you enjoy legal thrillers this is for you.  If none of those genres is your cup of tea but you appreciate good writing regardless of the genre then I will recommend this to you.”

– My Reading Life

The Great American Century begins, the modern world roars to life, Capitalists flaunt greed and seize power, Socialists and labor unions flex their violent will, and an extraordinary true story of love and sacrifice unfolds.

The men and women of American Red are among the most fascinating in American history. When, at the dawn of the 20th century, the Idaho governor is assassinated,blame falls on “Big Bill” Haywood, the all-powerful, one-eyed boss of the Western Federation of Miners in Denver. Close by, his polio-crippled wife, Neva, struggles with her wavering faith, her love for another man, and her sister’s affair with her husband.


New technologies accelerate American life, but justice lags behind. Private detectives, battling socialists and unions on behalf of wealthy capitalists, will do whatever it takes to seeHaywood hanged. The scene is set for bloodshed, from Denver to Boise to San Francisco.America’s most famous attorney, Clarence Darrow, leads the defense—a philandering U.S. senator leads the prosecution—while the press, gunhands, and spies pour in.


Among them are two idealists, Jack Garrett and Carla Capone—he a spy for the prosecu- tion, she for the defense. Risking all, they discover truths about their employers, about themselves and each other, and what they’ll sacrifice for justice and honor—and for love.


American Red

David Marlett

David Marlett is an award-winning storyteller and bestselling author. In 2014, his first historical legal thriller, Fortunate Son, was well reviewed and rose to #2 in historical fiction and #3 in literature and fiction in Amazon’s rankings. In addition, David is a professor at Pepperdine Law School, has been published in a number of magazines, was Managing Editor of OMNI Magazine, and regularly guest-lectures on story design. He is the father of four, a graduate of The University of Texas School of Law, and currently lives in Manhattan Beach, California.