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Expedition Beyond

Roger Bagg

Expedition Beyond

Story Plant hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-61188-092-2

Fiction Studio Books e-book

ISBN: 978-1-943486-47-2

Original Publication Date: April 17, 2012
Story Plant Publication Date:

September 10, 2013

406 pages


“This world is imaginative and engrossing and this book is difficult to put down.”

— The Baryon Review

Desmond Alexander Cox is a successful businessman who longs for adventure. Equipped with his profound knowledge of commerce and less profound knowledge of geology, he embarks on the journey of a lifetime. Fearless and ingenious, Des quickly transforms from a wounded newcomer to a confident leader of the new world.

Alicia Mitchell Jones is a thirty-two-year-old daredevil and Des’ best friend. Ill-at-ease in a suit, Mitch charms the military officials with his audacious language and resourcefulness to launch a rescue mission in search of Des. Sharp and bold, Mitch rarely loses his footing, and, even in the most stressful of situations, manages to abscond unscathed and victorious—on one such occasion severing the finger of a crystalline obelisk monster…

Anastasia is a tribe leader’s daughter and a mysterious descendant of the Anasazi. A sensual tease with a pliant, lovely body, Anastasia is a playful foot worshiper and a helpful translator. She is a fruit-bearer in every sense, bringing nourishment to Des’ body and soul. Anastasia envelops Des in squeals of delight and that little thing called love.

The Earth is not what it seems to be, or what you imagine, or what you were taught. After hundreds of years of dormancy, it reawakens. Only one man holds the key to what is happening: an astrophysicist named Anderson. His explanation shocks the scientific community, warping the known basic foundations of time and space throughout the universe.

A small expeditionary force is dispatched by Boster Denton, Inc. to explore a newly formed crevasse on Ellesmere Island near the magnetic North Pole on Inuit controlled land. Another crevasse forms near Alice Springs, Australia. These two portals serve as links between Earth's surface and what lies beneath.

A desperate father searches for his lost son the only way he knows how: by spending millions of dollars. Halfway across the globe, another man seeks to find a lost friend with a cunning plan that requires the help of the most powerful force in the world – the United States Army.

Two lost adventurers enter a new world in which the fabric of evolution is torn. The Earth divulges its innermost secrets to them as they struggle to survive.

This is a story of human determination and dominance against an enemy that overwhelms in both numbers and strength. It removes the gadgetry, and reveals the threads of mankind that are interwoven in heart, mind and soul. This is a battle that cannot be lost.

About the Author...

Roger Bagg (edited)

Roger Bagg creates remarkable adventures that feel intensely real. His first novel, Expedition Beyond, takes readers to places they’ve probably never imagined and makes these places come to vivid life. It’s an impressive feat that has earned him comparisons to James Rollins and Douglas Preston.


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