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Publication date: December 4, 2012

394 pages

"Packed with action, unusual information and well developed lovable characters, Knowing takes us to a new level that can only be experienced in the pages of Laurel Dewey’s amazing story. Take a walk on the wild side and experience Knowing by Laurel Dewey. You will be glad you did."

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After the life-altering ending in the third Jane Perry thriller, Revelations, Jane Perry takes time off from the job to find the missing part of herself she never knew existed. But her journey is quickly hijacked when a wanted criminal, Harlan Kipple, steals her car. Kipple—accused of the heinous murder of a prostitute in a seedy motel—is on the run and desperate to stay that way. Jane’s personal plans take a back seat as she tracks down her stolen ride and discovers through an unusual source that Kipple may be innocent and is being framed by a nefarious group. When she trails Kipple and confronts him, every belief she ever had about this world and the next is put to the test.

Kipple, who by his own admission is not the “brightest bulb in the box,” received a heart transplant nineteen months ago. His life changed from the moment he woke up in the recovery room. In fact, he’s not so sure where he ends and his heart takes over. As strange as that sounds to her, Jane cannot deny what she witnesses after spending just two days with Kipple. It becomes clear that nothing is what it appears as Jane is drawn into a deep rabbit hole with dark webs and darker crevices that force her to operate on the other side of the law. With the police hot on Kipple’s tail and a devious faction intent on finding him first, Jane is caught in the middle and realizes that solving this crime could have fatal consequences.

With themes as diverse as immortality, regeneration, resurrection, transformation and death, author Laurel Dewey tackles this latest Jane Perry novel with originality and plenty of suspense. “Finding yourself” takes on a whole new meaning in Knowing.

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"With superb character development, keen writing that will keep you up late turning the pages and a solid plot that will make your head spin and will stay with you for days after, Knowing is Dewey's best work yet. Highly recommend!"
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Laurel Dewey


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“Every time Jane Perry comes back in a new novel her story gets better and better.”
– Literary R&R


“A fascinating, engrossing story that demands your involvement while reading it.”
– Lis Carey’s Library

“This is a book you have to read if you love mysteries!”
– Bless Their Hearts Mom


“This book was packed with action from the very get-go and never let up all the way to the end.”
– Mary’s Cup of Tea

“A first rate plot that involves murder, a transplanted heart with a life all its own, and plenty of evil. Enough action that will keep you glued to your seat!”
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“The hardest part of reading this book for me was slowing down enough to read every word.”
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“I definitely recommend this book for anyone that likes fast paced, deep thrillers.”
– Deal Sharing Aunt

Knowing is an exciting adventure from start to finish.”
– Vic’s Media Room

“Wonderful story. Fantastic characters, incredible storyline, clever, creative, original and exciting. The story grabs you from the first page and doesn't let go. An absolute must read.”
– The Wormhole


“Rivals The Da Vinci Code with an American twist.”
– Literarily Illumined


“Give this book a read! Ms. Dewey has plenty to say and says it with fluency, suspense and holds your attention right to the end! An enjoyable read from start to finish with tons of action!”

– Beth Art from the Heart


“With superb character development, keen writing that will keep you up late turning the pages and a solid plot that will make your head spin and will stay with you for days after, Knowing is Dewey's best work yet.”

– Minding Spot

Bookreporter says, “Laurel Dewey has definitely earned a place in any discussion of the top mystery authors of the present day.” Over the years, the creative team at The Story Plant has been involved in the development of many of the suspense genre’s brightest stars. When we first read national bestselling author Laurel Dewey, we knew we were meeting a writer with as much storytelling energy and raw emotional power as any we’d encountered. Readers share our enthusiasm, writing rhapsodically about their experiences with her novels and their emotional connection with Dewey’s unforgettable main character, Detective Jane Perry. Meanwhile, Dewey's standalone novel, Betty's (Little Basement) Garden will let you see the world in a completely different way, and Dewey can even help you grow healthier plants.