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ISBN: 978-1-61188-123-3

Fiction Studio Books e-book

ISBN: 978-1-61188-124-0

Publication date: April 29, 2014

346 pages

Here is the story of an unforgettable summer. Set in Plymouth, MA in the late seventies, Little Did I Know is the tale of a young man with an outsized dream – to refurbish a dilapidated but historic theater and produce a season's worth of vibrant musicals. A recent college graduate, he fills his cast and crew with people he has come to love and trust in his university life, and with others whose talents and personalities prove undeniable. Yet, while the productions drive his ambitions, a local woman drives his passions, and their romance is fateful, star-crossed, and ultimately more than either of them expected.
Told with wit, compassion, and the kind of insider's access to the theater that only someone like Mitchell Maxwell can provide, Little Did I Know is a novel about coming of age in the spotlight and embracing one's entire future in a single season.


Little Did I Know 

Mitchell Maxwell

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“A high-rolling romp from start to finish, in which you expect the characters to burst into song and dance at any moment. More of a lighthearted Anything Goes than a darker Company, it should appeal to readers seeking a little escape into worlds where dreams come true."

– Library Journal

“With wit and wile reminiscent of Moss Hart’s seminal Act One, Maxwell spins a tale of theatre in the provinces that will entertain, amuse, beguile, and inevitably move you.”

– Frederick Zollo, Tony-nominated producer of That Championship Season and ‘night Mother

"Little Did I Know that Mitchell Maxwell’s first novel could be as titillating and epic as his award winning, tumultuous theater career. It’s an unforgettable summer, chockablock with passionate love, small town corruption and unbridled determination. This book is truly too good to be true, but it is!"

– Jeff Calhoun, Tony nominated choreographer

Mitchell is a thirty-five year veteran of the entertainment industry, having produced seven Broadway shows, more than thirty off-Broadway and regional productions, four national tours, three West End productions, and six major motion pictures. Now he brings his uncommon voice to the page with a cycle of novels about a man who finds new meaning in his life at critical junctures. His second novel, On Second Thought, will be out later in the year


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