Salk Institute for Biological Studies

Aging, cancer, Alzheimer’s, infectious disease and climate change pose unparalleled challenges to human health, threatening our longevity and quality of life. At Salk, acclaimed scientists pursue life-changing discoveries, working collaboratively—searching for new ways to tackle these threats and more.

But they can’t do it without you.


Plus! We will donate the full purchase price to the Salk Institute to help find cures and explore the very foundations of life.  Fund a specific science area of your own choice, whether cancer, COVID research, or plant biology to fight climate change, among others. Share Jonas Salk’s mission to make dreams into reality.

Salk is an independent nonprofit organization. Your generosity will allow Salk to remain at the forefront of foundational research.

Click below for more information about each of Salk’s research areas:

  •  Conquering Cancer Initiative

  • Plant Initiative/Fight Climate Change

  • Healthy Aging Initiative

  • COVID-19 Research

    • In addition to Salk’s ongoing foundational, collaborative science exploring basic biological principles and research areas relevant to COVID-19, several new coronavirus-specific projects have recently launched. These innovative projects range from understanding the structure of the virus to mobilizing the body’s immune reaction.


  • Computational Biology

  • Genetics

  • Immune System Biology

  • Infectious Diseases

    • Viruses, bacteria and parasites are among the many infectious challenges humans face. At Salk we seek to understand infection and immunity in new ways, from finding novel techniques to image and decode the structure of infectious agents to treating pathogens less as enemies to be vanquished and more as potential allies on the road to health.


  • Neuroscience

  • Cancer Biology

    • At Salk, we seek to understand human metabolism and what happens when this biological system breaks down. The problem is important as diabetes becomes more prevalent and more of a burden on an already-taxed healthcare system.


  • Plant Biology

    • To support human population growth, world agricultural production must double over the next quarter century. We study plants so that humans will have the food, clothing, energy and medicines they need now and in the future.​


  • Protein Interactions

  • Regeneration

    • Many disorders and life-threatening diseases could be cured by replacing or fixing dysfunctional cells. We aim to uncover novel ways to transplant new cells, tissues and even organs while minimizing their rejection.​




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