Story Plant paperback 

ISBN: 978-0-9819568-7-9

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ISBN: 978-1-61188-013-7

Publication date: March 8, 2011

436 pages

“Excellent – a real page-turner….We can look forward to more wonderful adventures with Jane in the future. This is a fine story and is well told.”

– Mainly Mysteries

“Dewey masterfully sets up the ending creating a growing tension as she brings the fast-paced story to a close.”
– Bella Online

After the events in Protector, Jane Perry has resigned from the Denver Police Department. Trying to make a living as a private investigator, she finds her past haunting her at every turn and her old demons rising up to torment her. Seeking some level of comfort at an AA meeting, Jane encounters a woman who knows what Jane does for a living. The woman wants Jane to drive with her from Colorado to Northern California in search of a man who matches the description of the killer who murdered her granddaughter many years before. She’s convinced that the man has started to kill again and she wants to stop him.

Jane thinks the woman is crazy—especially when she discovers that she’s a New Age devotee—but Jane is desperate for work. They head on the road, gathering critical information about the killer, and themselves, along the way. Jane has recently experienced several events in her life that seem to border on the paranormal, though she is a complete skeptic in that regard. Now, those experiences come with greater frequency. And when the trail of the killer leads to a fundamentalist church, the consequences of belief and faith propel her toward a deadly confrontation.

Once again, Laurel Dewey has created a novel as rich in character as it is in suspense. Juxtaposing spirituality and religion, mission and manipulation, revenge and redemption, this is a powerful, taut mystery that will confirm Laurel as a top-flight storyteller.

“Jane remains a kick butt heroine…fans will enjoy this powerful suspense thriller.”
– Genre Go Round Reviews

“A story filled with a compelling plot and characters, Redemption is another fine offering from Dewey, recommended.”
– Midwest Book Review (five stars)




Laurel Dewey


“I took my time reading this book, actually savoring every page as it is possibly the best book I have read in a couple years.”
– TCM Reviews


“I loved it and can’t wait for book three.”
– Armchair Interviews


“The second installment in the Jane Perry series, Redemption is a gripping, suspenseful, edge-of-your -seat thrill ride that will grab the reader on page one and not let them go until the very end.”
– Review the Book

“If this is your genre, I don't think you want to miss. I would compare her writing to authors such as Michael Connelly, Jeffery Deaver and Faye Kellerman…. This novel has so much going for it - suspense, dialoguing about religion, unexpected twists, revenge, and yes, redemption (true to the title). You come to identify with these characters in ways you might not expect.”
– In the Pages

“Gripping and unputdownable thriller. Redemption is one of those books where there's something happening at every page.”
– My Love Affair with Books


“An extremely well written novel that is a must read for all mystery/suspense reading aficionados.”
– Literary R& R


“The action is continuous and exciting with plenty of twists and turns to keep the pages turning and the final showdown had me reaching for the tissues…. An excellent suspense thriller with a unique voice of it's own. I enjoyed it immensely.”
– Tell Me a Story

“The story is fast paced and thrilling. You will find yourself drawn to the characters and feel their pain as well…. I found it unique and interesting, and could not put it down.”
– Blogcritics


“I had no trouble flying through this book. I found it to hard to put down and am looking forward to more from Laurel Dewey.”
– Books and Needlepoint


“I loved this book and can’t wait to read the third book about Jane Perry.”
– Reading Between the Wines


“If you love the intensity of a fast paced action thriller and mystery, then please get your copy today!”
– Reviews by Molly


Redemption by Laurel Dewey is a wonderful, action-packed and suspense filled murder mystery/suspense thriller! Jane Perry is a fabulous character. She’s realistic and sometimes frustrating but you’ll be rooting for her all the way!”
– Life in Review

“Laurel Dewey has definitely earned a place in any discussion of the top mystery authors of the present day, including such stand-outs as Michael Connelly, Jeffery Deaver and Faye Kellerman, among others. If you enjoy authors such as these, don’t miss Redemption. This is a five-star read.”

– Bookreporter


“This book had me hooked from the beginning…. If you’re looking for a fast-paced thriller filled with mystery and suspense, then you need to read Redemption.”

– WV Stitcher

Bookreporter says, “Laurel Dewey has definitely earned a place in any discussion of the top mystery authors of the present day.” Over the years, the creative team at The Story Plant has been involved in the development of many of the suspense genre’s brightest stars. When we first read national bestselling author Laurel Dewey, we knew we were meeting a writer with as much storytelling energy and raw emotional power as any we’d encountered. Readers share our enthusiasm, writing rhapsodically about their experiences with her novels and their emotional connection with Dewey’s unforgettable main character, Detective Jane Perry. Meanwhile, Dewey's standalone novel, Betty's (Little Basement) Garden will let you see the world in a completely different way, and Dewey can even help you grow healthier plants.