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John Yarrow: Is Sci-Fi Real?

In my novel series, Future’s Dark Past, I make use of a hover drone/board (HDB). I supped it up. Gave it a titanium coat. Whiz banged it out. It’s a very high-tech device with a miniature Gatling gun in the front. It had an AI computer on board that manages the flying and can perform remote missions by itself. The mini jet engines were powerful enough to carry a heavy load.

Granted the setting is in the year 2025, but I thought the technology wouldn’t be there yet. But then this picture shows a different story! It is the first hover drone/board (HDB), powered by jet engines! Here’s the link if you want to see it in action.

This guy rocks! Smart move doing his initial flight over water. The fact that he’s using his body to shift the board as he flies like a skateboard is impressive as well. If he had an AI computer on board managing the HDB he wouldn’t need to worry about that. Granted, it’s a prototype, and the pilot is an extremely gifted athlete; but my point is it’s a start. And when you have a start in technology, it doesn’t take long before there are enough advances that it becomes mainstream. Look at regular drones. Anyone can own one now. So Richard Kants, great job building the HDB in 2025, but beware, the rest of us are catching up to you!


About the Author...

John Yarrow, a lifelong Texan, dreams as big as he writes. Leanne Yarrow is her husband's collaborative partner. Their fascination with what could be imbues the couple's storytelling with fast-paced, futuristic worlds in which witty compelling characters struggle for an enduring humanity. John's background includes degrees in English, Education, and a MS in Cognitive Systems. He honed his skills in The Creation Factory Writer's Workshop, adapted a novella for National Public Radio, and published articles in educational and technology journals. Leanne draws from her careers in education and program development to help bring fresh insights, incredible imagery, and clarifying details to their work.



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