Story Plant paperback

ISBN: 978-1-61188-216-2

Fiction Studio Books e-book

ISBN: 978-1-936558-87-2

Publication date:  September 1, 2015

296 pages

Forces that can prevent massacres...or cause them. Stop murderers in their tracks...or inspire them. Save the world...or destroy it.


A doctor and his family are about to discover these forces. They are going to play a role in a future that needs changing but seems unyielding. And they are going to learn more about our world than they ever imagined – or ever wished to know.

A propulsive novel both enormous in scope and intensely personal in its stakes, The Unyielding Future is the most ambitious and audacious tale yet from one of our most inventive storytellers.


The Unyielding Future 

Brian O'Grady

“Author Brian O’Grady has written a crime thriller but not like any crime thriller you’ve seen. It is an action film director’s dream complete with action heroes/villains, multi-car crashes, multiple fight scenes and fiery explosions. The Unyielding Future is a breath of fresh air in its uniqueness and highlights the darkness of the human soul. This is one story you don’t want to miss!”

– Literarily Illumined

“I was drawn to the author’s use of modern technology to give the plot a sense of realism.”

- Simply Stacie on Hybrid

“Move over Michael Crichton.”

– Gather, on Hybrid

"This book was a genre bender to put all my favorites to shame."
– Comfy Reading

"The reader is holding on to dear life for this white-knuckle read.”
- CMash Reads on Amanda’s Story

Brian O’Grady is the author of three novels, the national bestseller Hybrid, Amanda’s Story, and The Unyielding Future. He is a practicing neurologic surgeon and, when he is not writing or performing brain surgery, he struggles with Ironman triathlons. He lives with his wife in Texas.