Download The World Came to Us

In a time of Covid-19, social distancing is our best bet at flattening the curve. Stay home and enjoy The World Came to Us instead for free! And when you're done with this book, don't forget about that to-be-read pile you've been accumulating.


Below are several methods of downloading. Please feel free to choose the method(s) that works best for you!

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This format is basically what is sent to e-book providers like Kobo and Barnes & Noble. ePUB files can be read by several free apps like Bluefire ReaderLithium: EPUB Reader, and more--some of which may have come with your device like Apple Books, Google Play Books, and Microsoft Edge. The Kindle app will NOT work with ePUB files, but WILL work with MOBI files. A few free MOBI reader apps are AlReader, MOBI Reader, and FB Reader.

Make sure to only use programs you trust! If you need some app suggestions, check out the linked articles for your device:


For those of you that would rather have a PDF, you can download the book below. Make sure to only use programs you trust! The apps listed above, the Kindle app, and Adobe Acrobat can be used for free to read PDFs.

  • If you use the Kindle app, the book will not have the cover on display in your library and will be sorted into the PDF tab automatically upon download.

If you've downloaded the file and the book is not showing up, please be patient. They may take time to download, may be hidden in PDF sections on some apps, or the cover may not immediately load. If your app has the option, you can try to search for the book or filter your library to see your most recent downloads.