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Voices from a Distant Room

by Marcia Gloster

Their attraction is immediate.


Their passion is overwhelming.


Their love is undeniable.


Their future is eternal . . . or eternally doomed.


This is the story of Cia Reynolds, a rising young professional from New York, and Will Jamieson, an internationally acclaimed artist. They meet, supposedly by chance, at an exhibition in London. Immediately aware of a powerful connection, they soon begin to realize that otherworldly forces are circling – forces that emanate from an ancient sapphire set in a Celtic ring, a ring that eventually draws them to a mysterious stone circle on a bleak, windswept island in Scotland where the two lovers must confront a primordial entity that seeks to destroy them.


Caught between the promise of eternal love and the threat of infinite evil, Cia and Will are at the center of a story as old as civilization itself. But if their love is truly fated to survive, it will need to rise above a timeless challenge. Voices from a Distant Room is breathtaking fiction, at once deeply romantic, magical, and endlessly engaging.

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