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The cover for "The Musical Mozinskies" by Susan Petrone. Music notes cover the background.

The Musical Mozinskis
by Susan Petrone

The Mozinskis experience music like no family you've ever met. Struggling musicians Vincent Mozinski and Grace Klinefelter marry in the early 1960s, drawn together by the shared ability to see the music they play. The two pass this unique skill along to their ever-growing family of musical prodigies: Clara, Ellington, Bix, Allegro, Thelonious, and Viola. After the children record a radio commercial for a local business, Vincent realizes the best chance of achieving his dream of musical stardom is with and through his children.

The family is tapped as one of several amateur acts to perform on a nationally televised Bicentennial celebration, leading to a recording contract and ultimately the pinnacle of 1970s stardom, their own musical variety show. The success of The Musical Mozinskis depends on the family's ability to keep churning out talented children. There's only one problem: Viola is tone deaf.

Alternately hilarious and heartbreaking, The Musical Mozinskis explores the limits of family bonds and loyalties and what it means to be an artist.

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