Welcome to Beyond the Book... Club, a place for book lovers to get together and read some of their favorite Story Plant books, and maybe discover some new favorites.

Members will read a book from a different author every month and can join a Zoom call with other club members to discuss the book and talk about the provided discussion topics that correspond to that month’s book. Also attending the Zoom call that will occur at the end of each month will be the book's author, who will join in the discussion and take questions about their book.

We will be giving away five free e-book copies every month with the winners picked at random. Anyone who doesn’t win can get a discounted ebook of that month’s book, and can try again next month to win.


Also, if you can get three or more friends to sign up and participate in the club, you will be guaranteed a free copy of the following month’s book! Signups to the club will remain open indefinitely.


We’re looking forward to hearing from you all, and happy reading!

January's book is:

Raven Wakes the World

by John Adcox

Zoom meeting to be held Oct. 27th at 6:30pm EST

Raven Wakes the World
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