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Future's Dark Past
J. L. Yarrow

Future's Dark Past

Story Plant hardcover

ISBN:  978-1-61188-339-8

Fiction Studio Books e-book

ISBN: 978-1-945839-70-2

Publication date: March 14, 2023

352 pages

Apple Books

The catastrophic Purge War at the end of the twenty-first century destroys planet Earth, jeopardizing the future for the remnants of humanity. Horrific repercussions roll across the ages until, generations later, a scientific group called the Time Forward Project harnesses a deep-space wormhole in which they can travel through time. They find the portal unstable and shrinking, but they have little choice but to take desperate, drastic measures and journey back to prevent the war.

Kristen Winters is an angry, determined young woman who is fed up with the miserable circumstances that life doles out. In a bold move, she escapes and undergoes the horrific genetic modification to become a warrior-like time agent. As the protege of the tough, cantankerous Richard Kants, her potential threatens to overtake his prowess. Kants has his own motives for changing the past, and he orchestrates his own scheme on the side to improve the odds. Their uneasy partnership dissipates when he is assassinated by a rival group from the future called the Keplers, who thwart their missions at every turn.

With his death, Kristen mysteriously finds herself newly partnered with a bewildered man from the early twenty-first century. Hunter Coburn is a hot shot AI scientist who works for the FBI. He has pending wedding plans, a high-paying job he loves, and is a geek with an I-Want-It-All attitude, but suddenly must make sense of the glimpses of the future he sees in freakish jumps.

A provocative, imaginative, and endlessly compelling work of science fiction, Future's Dark Past signals the arrival of a distinctive new voice and a story that will simultaneously haunt and electrify you.

About the Author...

John and Leanne Yarrow

John Yarrow, a lifelong Texan, dreams as big as he writes. Leanne Yarrow is her husband's collaborative partner. Their fascination with what could be imbues the couple's storytelling with fast-paced, futuristic worlds in which witty compelling characters struggle for an enduring humanity. John's background includes degrees in English, Education, and a MS in Cognitive Systems. He honed his skills in The Creation Factory Writer's Workshop, adapted a novella for National Public Radio, and published articles in educational and technology journals. Leanne draws from her careers in education and program development to help bring fresh insights, incredible imagery, and clarifying details to their work.

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