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Let it Shine

Let it Shine front cover.jpg

Story Plant hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-61188-369-5

Fiction Studio Books e-book

ISBN: 978-1-61188-381-7

Publication date: February 13, 2024

250 pages

Apple Books
Book Depository

Deirdre and Sam, mother and daughter, have been stuck in individual grief cycles since husband and father Niall died less than a year earlier. Now it is time for a change. For Deirdre, this means hiring a life coach, rediscovering long-dormant parts of herself, and putting the family home on the market. For Sam, it's jettisoning an abusive employer, re-evaluating her strengths, allowing for the possibility of love, and maybe even moving home for a while. They come to their decisions an ocean apart, but when they find themselves under the same roof, their missions begin to take flight. But progress is never linear . . . and heartache isn't entirely done with them yet.

At once a deeply felt story of two people not just ready to move on and an inspirational call for finding oneself, Let it Shine is a profound, touching, and ultimately stirring work of fiction.

About the Author...


Therésè writes fiction that is at once outrageously entertaining and very wise. She has earned the praise of a diverse group of major figures in the world of letters and film, including Arianna Huffington, Ekhart Tolle, Jane Green, Goldie Hawn, and Orlando Bloom.

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