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Portable Magic:

The AuthorsFirst Anthology

Portable Magic

Fiction Studio Books e-book

ISBN: 978-1-611882131

Publication date: July 7, 2015

358 pages

The 2014 AuthorsFirst writing contests brought submissions from a wide range of profound and wildly entertaining talent. From this group of nearly a thousand entrants, we have chosen seventeen works of short fiction that will dazzle the imagination and thrill the heart. What happens when the most remarkable woman you’ve ever met disappears for weeks at a time leaving only magic and mystery in her wake? What happens when a hostel worker slowly loses his sense of identity? What happens when a woman’s reinvention leads her away from her husband and children? What happens when a veteran rocker meets the inspiration for one of his biggest hits – his long-estranged daughter? You’d be surprised. Portable Magic is a rich anthology of rewarding stories from names you’re going to want to remember.


Nina Boyd
B. Lynch Black
Micah Juliot
Ashley Baldwin
Vivian Too Yee
Chad Stambaugh
Charis Reich
Abigail Anderson
Kimberly Bunker
Lenisa Kelly
Max Everhart
Katherine Wielechowski
Brenna Conley
Lia Nasselquist
Stef Kramer
Daniel Brian Mobley
Randy Ames

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