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The Distributor
Jeff Doka

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A silver tower rises above a wall, a beacon to the young man venturing towards it through cliffs and sand.

Story Plant hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-61188-380-0

Fiction Studio Books e-book

ISBN: 978-1-61188-411-1

Publication date: to be announced

400 pages

Apple Books

In a world without rain, the desert sands are controlled by the only group with the technology and infrastructure to give water to the thirsty: The Distributor. When Friedrich, a nerdy engineer, discovers a bug in the Distributor’s systems, he realizes this is a chance to overthrow their oppressive regime. With his technology, Friedrich can offer a better life to thousands in the Barrens, but he’ll need to reach the Distributor across hundreds of miles of empty desert. Friedrich hijacks one of the regime's water caravans with his technology to reach the Distributor’s core computers. It’s only when he arrives that he discovers what the Distributor is hiding from the rest of the world – and what this secret foretells for the future.

About the Author...

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Jeff has written everything from short stories to screenplays to radio dramas. He designed he narrative structures and wrote “The Lost Library” and “Worldseekers,” two choice-based narrative games. His short story “The Conference” has been published in the Wild Musette Journal, his short story “The Last Fare of M1S-3” was published in The Future Looms Magazine, and his novella "Departures" was published in the "Running Wild Novella Anthology." You can find Jeff at, and he streams his writing at if you ever want to stop in to say hi (or share feedback).


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