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An Angel Comes Home

Michael John Sullivan

An Angel Comes Home

Fiction Studio Books e-book

ISBN: 978-1-61188-155-4

Original Publication Date:
February 26, 2013
Story Plant Publication Date:
September 10, 2013 

84 pages


“If you haven't read any of them, you are truly in for a treasure. Whether you love historical fictions, biblical fiction, romance, action adventure or even a bit of inspiration, you are bound to find it in this wonderful series of books from Michael John Sullivan.”

— Reviews from the Heart

Dear Reader,

Over the past decade I’ve been working on a time-travel trilogy, occasionally reflecting back to my childhood and young adult experiences and incorporating it into the plot. While the hardships of spending nights riding a subway train were an emotional and sometimes physical burden for me, there’s been a wonderful conclusion to this period of time.


I’ve been able to heal while writing Necessary Heartbreak and Everybody's Daughter. It’s also given me a chance to reflect upon the story and the characters and what they truly mean to me.


One of the characters the readers have asked me about in particular is George Farmer, an old man who is found on the streets of Northport by the police with a suspicious fatal wound. What was George’s background? What was his purpose to the story? Why was he found dead in that part of the book?

While writing Everybody's Daughter I thought often about whether to expand George’s role. But I was satisfied enough that the plotline was intriguing and the story moved in a consistent pace.


Of course, once the book was published, it continued to bother me that I didn’t fill in the blanks enough for the reader. So I decided to write a prequel to Everybody's Daughter, a novelette. I felt it important that the reader should know who George Farmer was in more detail and to bridge the gap between the two books.


There’s a twist, too, in showing the relationship between Pastor Dennis, Michael Stewart, and George Farmer. George was a man of strength, love, faith and hope. Perhaps someday you’ll run into someone like him. Or better yet, you already have.

Michael John Sullivan

About the Author...

Michael John Sullivan (edited)

Michael John Sullivan writes intensely emotional stories that blend heart-rending domestic drama with spirit-stirring fantasy. The combination is as fulfilling for the reader as it is rare and prompted Rainy Day Reviews to say of Everybody's Daughter, “The last time I remember talking about a book this much was after I read The Help."


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