Story Plant hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-61188-001-4

Fiction Studio Books e-book

ISBN: 978-1-61188-008-3

Publication date: February 22, 2011

46 pages

“A perfect read to get your reading juices flowing when time is short.”

– Knitting and Sundries

“He definitely has a way with words and the ability to create very vivid and realistic characters.”
– A Fanatic’s Book Blog

James LePore’s first novel, A World I Never Made earned raves from reviewers, readers, and fellow authors alike. Blogcritics called it, “An outstanding first novel, and a wonderful thriller.” Bella Online said, “I highly recommend this compelling suspense story filled with vivid characters and haunting storylines. A story that will stay with the reader long after the final pages.” And M.J. Rose, the acclaimed author of The Memorist said A World I Never Made was, “A compelling page-turner – one of those wonderful books with characters as strong as the story and a story worth reading. Don’t miss it.”

Now LePore returns to the characters of A World I Never Made to present us with three suspenseful and unforgettable stories:


Till Death Do Us Part: A young Pat Nolan and his wife are on their honeymoon in New Mexico when they find a bond they did not know they had as they are forced to confront trouble in the form of a surly trio of locals.


God’s Warriors: Megan Nolan, a cynical American woman on her own in Europe makes a life-changing decision that both reveals and belies her true character.


Max: Max French, a quirky, deadly and, in his own eyes, oddly lovable FBI agent faces a personal drama that will set the course of his future.


Anyone Can Die 

James LePore

“I was instantly drawn into the stories.”
– Literary R&R

“From the foundation of these characters, a best seller could be composed.”
– Cym Lowell

“LePore tells a great story with plenty of detailed descriptions to add to that enjoyment…. He adds great depth to his characters and in 46 pages the characters lives consume the reader.”

– Book Noise

“All three stories were very well written and captivating and I was extremely intrigued by all of them.”

– Library Mosaic


“I enjoyed this quick, little book and enjoyed the characters very much.”

– Curling Up by the Fire

“Each of these stories really held my attention. For me, having never read anything by James LePore it was the perfect way to sample his work, and I must say, this sample has me anxious to read A World I Never Made, because I am anxious to see how the characters play out in the novel!”

– WV Stitcher

“Fast-paced stories written with emotion, and depth…impressive with strong insight into the motivations that drive us all.”

– Tic Toc

New York Times bestselling author William Landay said, "Jim LePore is a great discovery." Blogcritics called his first novel, A World I Never Made, “An outstanding first novel, and a wonderful thriller.” Of his most recent novel, The Fifth Man, Tome Tender said, "This is another great read from James LePore, who seems to have a knack for writing dark, gritty and gripping scenes with characters that can make your skin crawl and will have you looking over your shoulder." LePore’s brilliance is his ability to create complex, relatable characters and place them in tense situations where their very humanity comes into question. The result is stirring fiction that hits you in the gut and the heart at the same time.