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Lagan Love

Peter Murphy

Lagan Love

Story Plant hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-61188-084-7

Fiction Studio Books e-book

ISBN: 978-1-943486-12-0

Original Publication Date: June 7, 2011
Story Plant Publication Date:

September 10, 2013

328 pages


“The best books are not forgotten because you can never stop thinking beyond the story. This is true of Lagan Love. Murphy is a natural storyteller. I look forward to reading more.”


Janice is a graduate student who came to Dublin to look for herself. Since her father died, life with her mother had become stifling and she had to get away – to find herself and the artist within. Beautiful but self-absorbed, she is easily lured by whispers of adulation and goes along with anything that might lead her to fame and validation.

Aidan is a child of Dublin’s docklands with a chequered past and a gift for verse. Noticed by the right people, he is becoming celebrated. But as his stature rises, he sinks further into the sordid depths he has delved for himself. He is looking for redemption, even if, at times, he confuses it with self-preservation, and sees it in Janice.

Sinead is going to make a future for herself in all that the European integration offers Ireland. She is, at heart, kind and loving under her gruff exterior. But friends and family intrude on her final year of college until she is almost ready to be rid of all of them.

Gwen loves Art and Artists, passions that her husband allows her to indulge. She is Aidan’s publisher and muse, and so much more. Shrouded in her mysteries, Gwen answers only to her own desires.

If you know something about passion, and desire, and giving everything to live your dreams then leave your world behind for a while. Come with Janice to Dublin, in the mid nineteen-eighties when a better future beckoned and the past was restless, whispering in the shadows for the Old Ways. Janice has grown tired of her sheltered existence in Toronto and when Aidan leads her through the veils of the Celtic Twilight, she doesn’t hesitate. In their love, Aidan, Dublin’s rising poet, sees a chance for redemption and Janice sees a chance for recognition. Sinead tells her that it is all nonsense as she keeps her head down and her eyes fixed on her own prize – a place in Ireland’s prospering future. She used to go out with Aidan, before he met Janice, so there is little she can say. And besides, she has enough to do as her parents are torn apart by the rumours of church scandals. But after a few nights in Grogan’s, where Dublin’s bohemians gather, or a day in Clonmacnoise among the ruins of Celtic Crosses, it won’t matter as the ghosts of Aidan’s mythologies take form and prey on the friends until everything is at risk. Lagan Love is a sensuous story of Love, Lust and Loss that will bring into question the cost we pay for our dreams.

About the Author...

Peter Murphy called Peter Murphy "a natural storyteller," and Savvy Verse and Wit said, "Murphy’s style is as complex as his characters, but readers will be absorbed in the forlorn myths and legends created and expounded upon.” Peter Murphy brings Ireland – both the real land and the land of legend – to life in lyrical, nuanced prose that has a music all its own.

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