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Raven Wakes the World: A Winter Tale

John Adcox

Raven Wakes the World

Fiction Studio Books hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-61188-292-6

Fiction Studio Books e-book

ISBN-13: 978-1-945839-48-1

Publication date: October 7, 2020

160 pages

Apple Books


“I got lost in the writing and it had an aspect of Raven, so of course I loved it."

— Charles de Lint, author of MoonheartThe Onion Girl, and The Wind in his Heart

The winter holiday means a hundred things in a hundred different lands. But no matter where you travel, winter is a time for storytelling. Raven Wakes the World presents a very different winter holiday tale sure to touch the heart, bringing together an ancient Inuit legend and a haunting romance.


Katie Mason is an artist wounded in the soul, a creator who’s forgotten how to create … and how to love. She has come all the way to Alaska to make art and to heal from a broken relationship. But she hasn’t been able to do either. At least not until a dark-eyed stranger enters her life. His stories fuel her imagination and her passions. But his secrets may do something far more transformative.

Christmas is a season of gifts and miracles, of love and healing and the joy of homecoming. This mythic holiday gift will awaken the wonder of the season in you — and make you think of winter in entirely new ways.

About the Author and Illustrator...

John Adcox

After a 30-year career in new media, where his titles have included VP, Digital Media, VP, Creative, Executive Producer, and even CEO, John Adcox is now concentrating on storytelling. In addition to his writing, he is the CEO of Gramarye Media, Inc., the “next generation” book publisher, game developer, and movie studio of the future. More of his books are coming soon.

Carol Bales studies, works, and teaches in a place where technology and creativity intersect. Educated in painting at the University of Tennessee and Human-Computer Interaction at Georgia Tech, she works as a senior User Experience Researcher for The Weather Company and teaches at Georgia State University.

The couple lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

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