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Song of Renewal

Emily Sue Harvey

Song of Renewal

Story Plant paperback

ISBN: 978-1-61188002-1

Fiction Studio Books e-book

ISBN: 978-1-61188-015-1

Publication date: February 22, 2011

294 pages


“Harvey's sense of family shines through in her touching story of the Garrisons, who alternately sink and swim in the turbulent muddied waters of a life-or-death crisis. She manages to engage us and inspire hope as this family struggles toward a richer, freer life. Emily Sue Harvey's work will linger in the memory long after readers put it aside. It is a delicious read.”

— Kay Allenbaugh, bestselling author of Chocolate for a Woman's Soul

Garrison Wakefield is a romantic who has let the quest for success suppress the best that’s within him. He loves his wife and daughter more than life itself, but he has somehow forgotten how to show it. Garrison has always prided himself on being strong but when tragedy strikes, driving a wedge between him and his wife, he finds himself questioning everything he’s ever stood for.


Liza Wakefield is an artistic stay-at-home mom who feels she’s escaped her dark childhood. But when tragedy befalls her, Liza discovers she’s as vulnerable as ever to hurt and betrayal. Face to face with the threat of the greatest losses of her life, Liza reaches deep within herself for the strength to survive.

Angel Wakefield is a pretty, popular, teen who is on the cusp of adult life and in love for the very first time. She agonizes over her body image. Angel loves her parents very much and hungers for closeness with her father. His distance wounds her and one rainy night an accident leaves her comatose. She hovers between life and death and is faced with a decision — to live or to die.

The Wakefields seem to have everything. Garrison is a hugely successful graphic artist. Liza is an active member of the community and a patron of the arts. Their 16-year-old daughter Angel is bright, beautiful, and a gifted dancer. At the same time, though, they have traded away many of their dreams. Garrison gave up a future as an accomplished painter to make money. Liza suspended her own dancing career to raise a family. And Angel is setting aside her ambitions to live her mother’s dream.

When Angel gets into a car accident that kills her first love, the Wakefields’ lives turn on a dime. While Angel lies in a coma from which even the best prognosis is devastating, Garrison and Liza sit by her side, their once-passionate marriage in tatters. As their heartache over Angel builds, Garrison and Liza struggle to rediscover who they once were—and who they were meant to be. They come to realize that it will take everything they have within themselves to heal Angel, heal their hearts, and renew the power of their love.

At once romantic, inspiring, and empowering, Song of Renewal is a rare bauble of a novel, one with something to say to every family.

About the Author...

Emily Sue Harvey

New York Times bestselling author Jill Marie Landis called Song of Renewal “An uplifting, heartwarming story of forgiveness, commitment, and love, and Kay Allenbaugh, bestselling author of Chocolate for a Woman’s Soul says “Emily Sue Harvey’s work will linger in the memory long after readers put it aside.” National bestselling author Harvey, who has written numerous inspiring works of nonfiction, writes intensely romantic novels that thrill the heart as they inspire the soul. Her stories have something to say to every family.

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