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Emily Sue Harvey


Story Plant hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-61188-019-9

Fiction Studio Books e-book

ISBN: 978-1-61188-020-5

Publication date: September 13, 2011

283 pages


“Personal and private space is always an issue and the boundaries can be difficult to set and enforce, especially when family and/or close friends are involved. I thoroughly enjoyed the way that Ms Harvey handled this issue in this book, which deals with some topics that many families can relate to.. I urge you to consider this book for yourself, or someone you know who may be facing these issues. This would be such a touching and meaningful gift for a person dealing with these issues.”

— Practical Frugality

Deede Stowe is a sweet homebody who does not take family for granted. She loves Dave passionately. She also loves her live-in, recovering drug addict daughter, Faith. Deeply spiritual, Deede has to do the right thing, and when that causes a schism between her and her husband, she is depressed and stressed. Deede is strong, yet the emotional tightrope she walks daily in her home threatens her sanity. She welcomes her extended family’s “being there” but the bottom line is that she must seek her own escape from an unbearable situation. She must claim her own space.


Dave Stowe is a good man but he is becoming an increasingly angry one. He feels robbed of these years he has worked so hard to enjoy with his wife. His golden years are marked by unrest and chaos in his home, his domain. He cannot understand his wife’s tolerance of their disrespectful, troublesome daughter. He loves Faith, knows she was a miracle of God. But what happened? He wants to run away. Disappear. But he cannot bear to hurt Deede. Not yet, anyway. It all depends on how desperate he grows for his own space.

Once beautiful Faith looks in the mirror and sees the ravages of drugs. But she is numbed to any sense of responsibility. She only glimpses the needs of her parents, whom she loves on some level, but her world revolves around her to the exclusion of everything and everybody, including her own daughter. She tastes mortality during each hit, sinking deeper and deeper into substance quicksand. She cannot share her space – a hellish one. Faith thinks often of a way out – an eternal, no-return one.

Emily Sue Harvey's work touches readers in profound ways. Coffee Time Romance called Song of Renewal, "a must-read book for anyone doing a little soul searching." Of Flavors, Black Diamond's Book Reviews said, “I loved everything about this book! This is just an all around excellent book that is sure to bring memories back from times when life was a lot more simple.” And, in speaking of Homefires, The Book Tree said, "Emily Sue Harvey has now become a new favorite author for me after reading this book."

Now, in Space, Emily Sue delivers us a deeply moving story of a family on the brink. Dan and Deede Stowe have worked for years, planning and saving for their idyllic retirement years. Just when they finally are about to realize their dream, their adult, recovering drug-addict daughter, Faith, moves back in with them and everything changes. Their “miracle child,” complete with druggie baggage, upsets the tranquil balance of the Stowes's existence. Private romantic moments evaporate. Faith’s endless needs intrude hour by hour, devouring their finances, their emotions, and most crucially, their space. In turn, Faith finds herself bereft of everything she cherished most: her health, her marriage, her child, her family, her reputation and, most of all, a space to call her own.

Amid chaotic challenges, all three battle to find peace with each other, a harmony that doggedly eludes them. For the sake of family solidarity, each is forced to sacrifice elemental components of self, until desperation turns them one against the other. Will love be enough to turn the tide? Is it strong enough to warm again hearts grown cold?

Space is a vivid, candid, and life-affirming story from a masterful storyteller of the heart.

About the Author...

Emily Sue Harvey

New York Times bestselling author Jill Marie Landis called Song of Renewal “An uplifting, heartwarming story of forgiveness, commitment, and love, and Kay Allenbaugh, bestselling author of Chocolate for a Woman’s Soul says “Emily Sue Harvey’s work will linger in the memory long after readers put it aside.” National bestselling author Harvey, who has written numerous inspiring works of nonfiction, writes intensely romantic novels that thrill the heart as they inspire the soul. Her stories have something to say to every family.

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