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The Founding Treason

Jeremy Burns

The Founding Treason

Story Plant hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-61188-263-6

Fiction Studio Books e-book

ISBN: 978-1-945839-26-9

Publication date: May 28, 2019

416 pages


"The Founding Treason does everything right. Here is a thriller that ratchets up the tension with every turn of the page, that makes you look at historical fact in an entirely new light, and kept me up late into the night to discover the shocking truths at the end. And the central plot: I bet Dan Brown wishes he had this idea first. Don't miss this blockbuster in novel form!”

— James Rollins, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Crucible

What if some of our nation's architects set into motion a series of acts so treasonous that we are still feeling their effects nearly two-and-a-half centuries later? That is the question at the heart of this stunning, provocative thriller. 


When newly minted doctor of history Jonathan Rickner stumbles across an old film canister in the National Archives, he sets off an explosive chain of events that leaves dozens dead and himself on the run. The contents of that canister, revealing long-buried evidence about the Kennedy assassination, is just the first piece of a centuries-old puzzle stretching from the Civil War to the Constitutional Convention and back to modern day.


Joined by Chloe Harper, a conspiracy devotee desperate to clear her disgraced FBI agent father's name, Jon becomes entangled in a web of deception dating to the American Revolution. Going toe-to-toe with a powerful secret aristocracy formed by a rogue faction of Founding Fathers, Jon and Chloe are forced into a desperate race to discover the incredible truth behind a conspiracy theory older than the United States itself.


From the streets of Dallas to the colonial meeting halls of Boston to the palatial mansions of Embassy Row to a secret complex deep beneath the American heartland, through celebrated museums, forgotten chambers, and presidential tombs, Jon and Chloe must expose those responsible before it's too late. For another attack is imminent, and if they fail in their quest, America may never recover.


Propelled by puzzles and mysteries that demand to be solved and brimming with exhaustively researched details from America's past, The Founding Treason is a singularly immersive thriller, one that will leave you questioning who is really calling the shots.

About the Author...

Jeremy Burns

Bestselling author Robert Liparulo calls Jeremy Burns “among the best authors of taut, historical thrillers” and Crystal Book Reviews said he was “a true espionage writer who knows when to ramp up the action and when to insert some provocative description in a well-balanced tapestry of historical, adventure-packed fiction.” Jeremy Burns writes thrillers that are at once cerebral and pulse-pounding, a combination that will leave you breathless.

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