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The Weight of Ashes
Zachary Steele

The Weight of Ashes

Story Plant paperback

ISBN: 978-1-61188-302-2

Fiction Studio Books e-book

ISBN: 978-1-945839-51-1

Publication date:  August 24, 2021

256 pages

Apple Books


The Weight of Ashes is such a wild ride! When it finally takes a break from all that page-turning action, it’s to remind us of the inevitability of that moment of shared experience – the feeling we haven’t grown up quite yet, but we’re not kids anymore, either. It’s a visceral, pulse-pounding look at our desperation to keep things the same even as real life is letting us know that’s impossible. You won’t be able to avoid being dragged back to your childhood in the best way possible.”

— Chris Negron, author of Dan, Unmasked and The Last Super Chef

After a car accident claims his older brother's life, Mark Murphy's world is turned upside down. The silence of their shared bedroom, the memories of Mitch's guidance, and his mother's drunken spiral are constant reminders of the cost of his absence. But Mark isn't ready to grieve. He isn't ready to accept that his brother is truly gone. Despite the insistence of the adults in his life that he accept Mitch's death, Mark is undeterred.


They don't know what he knows.


They don't know the story of the Witch on Spook Hill.


Aided by his loyal band of misfit friends, Mark's plan to carry Mitch's ashes to the witch is complicated by the pursuit of the town sheriff and the cousin responsible for his brother's death. With no time to regroup, Mark and his friends must navigate the dangerous path to Spook Hill before the sun sets, so that Mitch can be resurrected in exchange for the life of the one who took it.

About the Author...

Zachary Steele

Broadleaf Writers Association Founder & Executive Director Zachary Steele is the author of Anointed: The Passion of Timmy Christ, CEO and Flutter: An Epic of Mass Distraction. He has been featured by NPR, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Publishers Weekly, Baby Got Books, Shelf Awareness, and was nominated for the Sidewise Award for Alternate Fiction. You can follow his ramblings on writing and life on his website.

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