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Well in Time

Suzan Still

Well in Time (new).jpg

Story Plant paperback

ISBN: 978-1611881844

Fiction Studio Books e-book


Publication date:  January 20, 2015

400 pages


Well in Time reminded this reviewer of the magical realism novels of great writers like Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Mario Vargas Llosa and Isabella Allende, weaving the sacred and the profane; past, present and future; love and hate, the beauty and the ugly within and without nature and so much more. Suzan Still is more than a novelist; she’s a literary giant with a gift for beautiful prose, brilliant plotting and revealing characterization that enhances every page of this phenomenally constructed novel. Kudos to you, Suzan Still – and please, please, please keep writing!”

— Crystal Book Reviews

Through a series of telescoping stories, Well in Time plunges back from the present day through medieval Europe to ancient Egypt in quest of the origins of an object of magical power. Novelist Calypso Searcy is gifted an ancient golden locket that confers the ability to know the future through dreams. It opens intriguing vistas into history, but while writing her account of the locket’s past, disaster strikes in the present. Rancho Cielo, the ranch she and her lover Javier Carteña have created with their own hands in Mexico’s Copper Canyon, comes under attack by a Mexican drug cartel.


Leaving Javier to defend the ranch with his army of hands, Calypso embarks with her friend Hill on a wild escape that takes them through remote and treacherous territory and delivers them into the hands of a mysterious group, the Ghosts, who may be more dangerous than the cartel from which they are fleeing. As the stories of the locket and of Calypso’s escape weave together, parallels appear that cause her to question who she really is, and what the real meaning of her life might be.

The sequel to the acclaimed novel Fiesta of Smoke, Well In Time is based in actual historical events and in the wisdom of timeless mysteries known as the Perennial Philosophy. It is a singular reading experience.

About the Author...

Suzan Still (edited)

Suzan Still holds a masters in art and writing, and a doctorate in depth psychology. This unique combination of poetic vision and deep insight into the human condition informs her fiction and infuses it with its remarkable colors. Because of this, she inspires inventive descriptions of her work. Of her first novel, Commune of Women, Single Titles suggested that readers prepare to "laugh, cry, and gasp," while noted author Alexander Stuart compared her second novel, Fiesta of Smoke, to a combination of Love in the Time of Cholera and Breaking Bad. We suggest you sample her yourself here and make your own comparisons.

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