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ISBN: 978--1-61188-232-2

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Publication date: May 11, 2010

192 pages

“Baron does a wonderful job with characterization in The Journey Home, and in his other book I read, Crossing the Bridge. I felt the desires of each character, their pains and needs for making it to the place where they were going. I also love how Baron makes the interactions and actions of his characters seem so natural and realistic…. I loved the way Baron tied everything up at the end. The ending of this book made me feel at peace, content with the way things ended up for everyone in the story. That's a nice feeling to have when you put down a book for the last time.”

– My Book Retreat

Warren hasn't fully acknowledged it, but he's in reinvention mode. His marriage is over, his job is over, and his mother is disappearing before his eyes. It's a good thing that Warren doesn't have any interest in feeling sorry for himself.

Antoinette has known profound happiness in her life. She's also suffered the deep wounds of loss. When the world around her becomes too confusing, she chooses the world she loves instead.

Joseph isn't a particularly romantic man, but he's been driven by love his entire life. Even though he's lost his memory, his desire to find his wife and find his home provide him with a beacon.

Joseph, a man in his late thirties, awakens disoriented and uneasy in a place he doesn't recognize. He doesn't know where he is and he has no way to contact his wife. He sets out on a journey to find his home with no sense of where he's going and only the precious, indelible vision of the woman he loves to guide him.

Antoinette is an elderly woman in an assisted living facility. In recent months, her friends seem different to her and the world seems increasingly confusing. So she retreats inside her head. There, her body and mind haven’t betrayed her. There, she’s a young newlywed with a husband who dotes on her and an entire life of dreams to live. There, she is truly home.

Warren, Antoinette’s son, is a man in his early forties going through the toughest year of his life. His marriage ended, he lost his job, and in the past few months, his mother has gone from hale to increasingly hazy. With far too much time on his hands, he decides to try to recreate his memories of home by attempting to cook his mother’s greatest dishes and eat them with her.

Joseph, Antoinette, and Warren are three people on different searches for home. How they find it, and how they connect with each another at this critical stage in their lives, is the foundation for the kind of profound and deeply moving story we’ve come to expect from Michael Baron.

“I was unprepared for the talent and depth that Michael writes from. His writing is absolutely amazing! I was hooked from the beginning. This book has two story lines, and the way in which he joins them makes for a surprise and touching ending. This is a book that you do not want to put down.”
– Romance Writers Reviews


The Journey Home

Lou Aronica


“I loved the story. If you are interested in emotional relationships and love, this book is for you.”
– Books with a Cup of Coffee


“A story that is real and will touch you in many different facets. Michael Baron has a gift. He has penned such an emotional and memorable tale that will stay with you long after the last page. Simply beautiful.”
– Minding Spot

The Journey Home is a beautiful, well written, story of love, family, and the ties that bind. Nicholas Sparks fans will love this heartwarming read. Joseph, Antoinette, and Warren are all looking for home. They come together in a beautiful, amazing connection that took me by surprise, and left me with a feeling of hope and faith in the unseen. The Journey Home is a story that will stay with you after you finish the last page.”
– Book Loons


“A poignant love story tying three separate characters together in an unimaginable way, The Journey Home will pull readers in from the beginning and captivate them throughout. With endearing and sensitive writing, beautifully crafted characters and stunning plot lines, Baron has created another romantic masterpiece…. This is a romance to pick up, a story to engage in, and a plot to remember.”
– A Good Addiction

“Michael Baron has a way with families – though this book is only 176 pages, the characters danced in my head and the story jumped off the page and into my soul. The Journey Home is a main dish of love, with a side of laughter, a pinch of kindness, and a dash of hope. It left me reliving moments in my life I had long since forgotten about, revealing a love story that I witnessed while growing up, a love story I had forgotten, and for that, Michael Baron has my sincere thanks!”
– Book Crazy

“Mr. Baron treks the reader through an unforgettable contemporary romance. Hauntingly poignant and beautifully moving, this well-written piece takes the reader on their own journey. This is a touchingly tender story full of emotions that I will definitely recommend to family and friends.”

– Coffee Time Romance

“This is a great family drama with a delightful spiritual twist. Readers will want to join the cast on aptly title Journey Home to learn how the diverse subplots connect the dots.”

– Genre Go Round Reviews

A New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Lou Aronica is known for the uncommon depth of emotion to his stories and the vivid realism of his characters. New York Times bestselling author Susan Elizabeth Phillips called The Forever Year “pure pleasure from beginning to end, beautifully written and emotionally rich” and Blogcritics said that Blue was “like experiencing a lucid dream with depth and detail that play on all five senses.”