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ISBN: 978-1-61188-098-4

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Publication date: September 10, 2013

88 pages

Reviewers have called Lou Aronica’s novel Blue “compelling,” “beautifully written,” “a story to remember and cherish,” and “one of those books that everyone should find a moment to read.” Readers have said it was “a great inspiration,” “I’ve never been more moved or inspired,” and “one of the best books I’ve read.” Now comes this prequel novella, a short work that provides the essential story behind the story.

Until Again tells of a decidedly real-world event: the final weekend in the breakup of a marriage. For Chris Astor, the divorce is not something he wants, primarily because of the distance it will put between his ten-year-old daughter Becky and himself. Juxtaposed against this is a critical event in Tamarisk, the bedtime-story fantasy world that Chris and Becky created when Becky was much younger. Miea, the university-age princess of Tamarisk fears that her world has become a terribly dangerous place…but she could not possibly have imagined where that danger will lead her and the people she loves.


Until Again 

Lou Aronica

“If you have read Blue by author Lou Aronica and loved the magical world of Tamarisk and missed Chris, Becky and Princess Miea then you are in for a treat.”

– Cheryl’s Book Nook

“If you have not read Blue, you don’t want to miss it and you should not miss Until Again either. Another fantastic book by Lou Aronica as he finishes this chapter in the lives of Chris and Becky.”

– Single Titles

“If you have read Blue, then reading Until Again is a necessity. This short novella gives you more insight on how these endearing people lived and loved in Blue. If you haven’t read Blue yet, then both of these books should be in your TBR pile!”

– Confessions of a Real Librarian


“Cannot recommend these books too much. Best recommendation I can give? I was sorry when I hit ‘The End.’”
– The View from the Phlipside

“Even if you don’t normally read fantasy, give Lou Aronica a chance. He spins a masterful story, touching and emotional, that will leave you thinking about these characters far long after you’ve closed the books.”
– Chick Lit Plus

A New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Lou Aronica is known for the uncommon depth of emotion to his stories and the vivid realism of his characters. New York Times bestselling author Susan Elizabeth Phillips called The Forever Year “pure pleasure from beginning to end, beautifully written and emotionally rich” and Blogcritics said that Blue was “like experiencing a lucid dream with depth and detail that play on all five senses.”