When I Got Out

Peter Seth

Story Plant hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-61188-265-0

Fiction Studio Books e-book


Publication date:  September 17, 2019

464 pages

Larry Ingber fell deeply in love once . . . and it cost him forty years of his life. Branded "The Ivy League Killer" by the media that followed his sensational story of obsession and its consequences, Larry has at last been freed from prison and tossed into a world he barely understands. At one point, his life was brimming with promise. Now, he can barely find a job. And when Larry discovers that his lawyer has stolen the money his late parents had set aside for him, he comes very close to going off the rails. But the world is a more mysterious place than Larry can imagine, and it has surprises in store for him that will put him in grave danger, reunite him with his past, expose him to unscrupulousness, and teach him what it is truly like to have someone who cares about you.

Filled with tension, nuance, and revelation, WHEN I GOT OUT is a remarkable story about what happens when the world you left behind and the world you never knew collide.

When I Got Out is a great read: the perfect sequel to What It Was Like.”

– Stan Chervin, Academy Award nominated screenwriter

"When I Got Out is an intriguing gem that offers a unique turn on narrative voice and unsettling personal discovery. Peter Seth writes with calm authority, masterful unpredictably, and carefully crafted internal reflection. Delving into this exploration of then and now ― where forty lost years have changed all the rules of engagement ― is to be swept into a tale of moral reflection, irony, betrayal, and impossible choices."

– Ken Goldstein, bestselling author of This is Rage and From Nothing

"When I Got Out is a sensational novel that never veers off into sensationalism itself. It delves into the mysterious eddies of life and deepens as one wades further into them. Peter Seth shines a black light onto one man's life and helps us see what is hidden in plain sight of not only his, but of our own life as well. This is what great novelists do.”

– Kevin Sessums, author of Mississippi Sissy and I Left it on the Mountain, and Editor-in-Chief of sessumsMagazine.com

"All the reader has to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.”

– Laurie Horowitz, author of The Family Fortune

Peter Seth is a writer living in Los Angeles. He has written for television shows produced by Gary David Goldberg and Glenn Gordon Caron. He wrote, produced, and directed the award-winning short film Lunch with Louie, which appeared in more than thirty-five film festivals around the world. He was born in Brooklyn and raised on Long Island. He is the author of one previous novel, What It Was Like .

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