Peter Murphy: Writing about Family

Just as the next (last) book is about to go out and meet the world, I got a nice message from my publisher informing me that the number of requests to review were encouraging. It was tempting, but I am too hoary to be getting excited about chickens and eggs. Not cynical, just experienced enough to take it all—success and success deferred—for what it really is.

Like most writers, I had hoped that my first book would change the world and set all to rights. It did for a few, but most people remain blissfully unaware of it and I learned to be okay with that. I just went on and wrote some more.

That is why I use the term “next (last).” Because right after I send a manuscript off to the publisher, I start on the next one. And so, it is now. THE LAST WEEKEND OF THE SUMMERcomes out in August and I am halfway through the next, next one.

I do it because it is only from this safe distance that I can look back at what I have done. THE LAST WEEKEND OF THE SUMMERwas a bit of a departure for me in that Ireland, and things Irish, gets no mention throughout. I am still Irish, I suppose, but I am . . . in recovery.

THE LAST WEEKEND OF THE SUMMERcame about after a conversation with my editor and publisher, the great human being that is Lou Aronica at The Story Plant. Having finished the LIFE & TIMES trilogy, I asked for his advice as to what I should do about growing my audience—a question, he told me, he is often asked.