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John Yarrow: Elon Musk and the AI Conspiracy

One of the coolest and smartest men on the planet is Elon Musk. I can’t afford one of his fancy-schmancy electric cars, but I sure admire them. They are a feat of engineering and only getting better. And then he has time to launch one of the most successful space flight companies ever. I will give him this. He understands technology.

But seriously, there can’t be a conspiracy involving artificial intelligence. Computers and robots with AI are here to help us. There will never be a terminator or Skynet seeking to destroy all mankind. They have no reason to destroy us.

Facebook, Google, and Amazon already use AI to help target users’ trends, etc. While these AI bots have some qualities of AI, they are more expert type systems. They don’t can’t really think for themselves. Just because they started creating their own language to communicate with each other is no need for us to panic.

IBM touts its accomplishments using artificial intelligence with Watson, their supped-up mainframe. It’s already being used in the medical profession. I wrote about Watson in another blog, go check that out. But, it’s still not autonomous. How could it go badly? Start misdiagnosing people’s ailments?

Elon, what is your point? Could it be that we need to pay attention to what’s going on in the field of AI? What happens when we create autonomous AI computers? Who will control them then? They’re pretty damn smart. How long would it take to for a real AI to get the launch codes? Maybe not from us, but from India, or Iran? Could we stop an army of AI robots? Elon, you think we just might wind up destroying ourselves because we created a weapon we can’t stop?

In my book series, The Future’s Dark Past, I write about an AI that is good but must battle an AI that is evil and wants to destroy the world. How do you maintain morals when battling a foe that has no morals? How does an AI do that? Will it sacrifice us to save itself? Is there an AI conspiracy?

Guess Elon will have to pick up my book and read it to find out.


About the Author...

John Yarrow, a lifelong Texan, dreams as big as he writes. Leanne Yarrow is her husband's collaborative partner. Their fascination with what could be imbues the couple's storytelling with fast-paced, futuristic worlds in which witty compelling characters struggle for an enduring humanity. John's background includes degrees in English, Education, and a MS in Cognitive Systems. He honed his skills in The Creation Factory Writer's Workshop, adapted a novella for National Public Radio, and published articles in educational and technology journals. Leanne draws from her careers in education and program development to help bring fresh insights, incredible imagery, and clarifying details to their work.



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